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The start of the year saw the biggest jump in rail fares in five years and with spiralling train travel cost, Brits continue to pay more for a poorer service. Last year 1 in 25 trains cancelled or severely delayed and more recently there were thousands of train delays and cancellations over the Easter break, but train travel is unavoidable for most of us going to work, school or university each day or making the long distance trips to visit friends and family further afield. Whether you're a daily rail user or tend to use the rail network less frequently, there are effective ways to keep travel costs down - the trick is knowing which option to choose and when. From investing in a railcard if you're a regular commuter to booking train tickets well in advance to snap up the best available price for your journey, travelling around the UK via rail doesn't have to burn a hole in your pocket. Below we have rounded up some of the simplest ways to save on fares to help you out.


  • Cheaper than Train Line price
  • Pay with card or cash and get the ticket
  • Peak timings