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Monday, March 30, 2020
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Buy or sell any unwanted train, bus, concerts or any other spare tickets you have and earn extra cash!!!


What is Tickets Xchange?

  • Now all the train riders and bus goers, regardless of their destination - be it a party or a community event, a movie or a concert, can be double safe when buying the tickets, as this market and trading place is thought up just for the case of changing plans and unavailable dates.

    Sell your ticket with us - save money, and possibly really help out your fellow fan of that particular group and get them to that sold out concert you can't go to anyway, or maybe a family reunion can happen just because you decided to not let them train tickets go to waste.

    You are also welcome to join this community and do just the ticket exchange deals, which do not involve any selling, buying, or money, tickets being traded for tickets. Ticket trading might be a way to retain the value of their tickets for those, who are prohobited to sell them either by law or religious reasons, or just can't be asked to bother, since trading tickets is the fastest way to re-schedule your event with different one.

    Reselling tickets is an ecologically friendly act, because everything a ticket is sold for, legally must be produced regardless if the buyer will attend or use the service he paid the ticket for. Every ticket sold has saves mankind an estimable amount of energy, material and human resources.

    Our platform is also a not too personal and neat way to show your ticket for sale to Facebook friends - don't think up a line, just share a link!

    And the other way around - if tickets are sold out, the safest place to look is with us, because you don't have to rely on somebody's honesty, we as an enterprise are here to moderate the whole deal so it's guaranteed that the tickets sold with us are genuine, or that the seller side won't suddenly change their mind once again half-way trough the deal, and that the tickets are transferable.

    The ticket exchange is a small, but sure step further towards a balanced and efficient society. Join! .

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